Our broilers are hatched as chicks locally in Tangent, Oregon, where we pick them up at one day old. After 2-3 weeks in a chick nursery, they are let out to be free ranged and gently supplemented with a variety of grains. We make sure to keep them happy and healthy to ensure high quality meats.

Processing is done according to Oregon's standards for high quality open air processing. It is a very sanitary process that the whole family joins in to help with. I leave you with these pictures to ensure our transparency as farmers. We want you to know and see where your food comes from.

SALE Pricing: $3 a lb

Join our Free Range Chicken CSA to get a savings! The more months you sign up for, the deeper the discount. 

One month will give you 4 chickens averaging 4-5 pounds each for $60
Two months will give you 8 chickens (4 per month) averaging 4-5 pounds each for $118
Three months will give you 12 chickens (4 per month) averaging 4-5 pounds each for $175

Online payment option is below the form, there is a 2.9% extra charge for this option. Payment can be brought cash upon pick up of chickens or mailed in. I will email an invoice to you after receiving your sign up form. 

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