Great Pyrenees Puppies

Now accepting deposits $350- non refundable
Puppy selection will be made at 5 weeks based on order of deposit made and whether you want a pup for breeding, showing or working/pet. 

Meet the pups:
1 week old 
12 days old 

Pups at 3.5 weeks old 8/19/18
Gold Male Available
Blue Male Available 
Green Male Available 
Green Female Available 
Yellow Female available 
Pink Female Available 

3 girls, 3 boys

Meet our Dam and Sire: 

Dam: Millie Bear 

Sire: Lambro 

The week of September 19th, 2018 they will be ready for their new homes!   

Available Puppies: 
3 Females 3 males, pics to come..........

Your deposit will be subtracted from the amount below
$1100 Males or Females with limited registration 
$1250 Male or Female with full registration(breeding rights)
Now accepting deposits $350-non refundable

$425 for flight cost for contiguous US only(inquire for anything else)

Homes wanting full registration will screened more thoroughly and we have the right to refuse anyone for any number of reasons if we do not feel your a good fit. 

About the Breed:
These livestock guardian dogs originate from the Pyrenees Mountains, located between France and Spain. The breed is so old, they have been fossilized. They are intuitively kind and nurturing to vulnerable and small animals. They are naturally nocturnal, warding off predators during the night. In the 1700's they were declared the royal dog in France. Queen Victoria of England owned one. Pyrenean blood was use with other large breeds to bring back the St. Bernard breed. During WWII they carried artillery through the Great Pyrenees Mountains. 

About us: 
Our puppies are raised with their working livestock guardian mothers on our 17 acre farm. They learn alongside them, how to protect our livestock(goats, ducks, chickens, horses). 

Puppy Application

Great Pyrenees Puppy Application