What is a Market Share? 

Similar to a gift card, you invest up front and are able to shop at a discounted price all season at any of our 3 markets in Silverton, Albany or Salem Saturday Market. You shop without your wallet each week and we subtract what you have bought for the week. We will be at these markets each week between May and October. 

Why choose a Market Share instead of CSA? 

By investing early in the season, we will give you 15% off produce you choose all season long at our farmers markets. The difference with CSA is that you receive a pre-prescribed share and with a Market Share, you can choose your produce each week, every other week, stock up once a month or whatever works for your situation. 
What does this cost? 
$400 gets your $460 worth of produce for the season to spend at Albany, Salem Saturday Market or Silverton Farmers Market! 

Sign up here: 

Market Share Agreement