Online Market Stand

Order your market fresh non-GMO, spray free produce at your convenience from your computer or cell phone from the order form at the bottom of this page!!! 

You can also order through email 
Phone: 503-769-3025
Text: 541-829-8429
Facebook: Private Message us at Bear Branch Farms 
Instagram: Direct Message us at Bearbranchfarms

 Let us know what you want, the quantities, and when you would like to pi
ck it up. Order ahead for special events, potlucks, weddings, etc. Pay with debit, credit, cash, SNAP or WIC farm checks. 

Pick up days/times:
  • Pick a designated day/time of your choice
  • Pick up on the farm between 4-8pm on Thursday
  • Get your produce delivered to Foothills Church in Stayton on Tuesday between 6-7pm

Bell Peppers $1
Jalapeno, Serrano, Ghost, Anaheim Peppers $5 per lb
Turnips $2.50 per bunch
Easter Egg Radishes $2.50 per bunch
Cherry and Sun Gold Tomatoes $4 a pint
Purple Cabbage $1 per lb
Green Cabbage $1 per lb
Butter Lettuce $2 head
Red Oak Leaf Lettuce $2 head
Collard Greens $2 per bunch
Kale $2 per bunch
Fennel $1.50 per bulb
Burpless Cucumber $1 each
Slicing Cucumber $1 each
Pickling Cucumber $1 each
Basil $3 per cup, Ask for bulk prices to make pesto
Encore Lettuce (large) $3 head
Squash 2 for $1 
Squash 2 for $1 
Green and Burgundy Beans $3 per lb 

Online Produce Order Form