Pork Interest List:

We are currently raising American Guinea Hogs. Our breeding pair's names are“Johnny” and “June.” These hogs are referred to as “Homestead” hogs and are very different from the conventional hogs that are raised for grocery stores. Guinea hogs are considered a heritage breed hog and are gentle on the land. They spend their time eating grass, bugs, leaves and browsing on other vegetation.

We supplement their diet with scraps from around the farm, a small amount of grain and alfalfa. They have a very large area to forage on in the forests and grasses around our property. The benefit of this breed is they are docile, clean, don't need to be vaccinated or wormed and require very little intervention in their daily lives. These hogs are part of our sustainable practices and zero waste goals.

Soon we will introduce another similar heritage breed sow to cross with the guinea hog to increase its size and growth rate.

We hope to have pigs for sale in the fall of 2016. They will be sold as wieners,“on the hoof” or can be delivered to your choice of butchering facility you arrange. Our CSA members will have first priority and discounted price!

We will update the site and announce to our CSA members when wieners or hogs are available. Please email us with questions or requests to be notified.

For more information here is a link www.http://guineahogs.org