About Us

Our story began with a love of gardening with our children. Nate and I(Janis) both grew up gardening with our parents and wanted to pass this activity onto our own children. As years passed, our family grew and so did our gardens. We have always found the work enjoyable, loving the authentic connection to the land, and began looking for a way to share our love of organically grown food. Before we knew it, Nate and I, along with our then 8 children, were moving 1,000 miles away and purchasing a larger farm with our entire life savings and investments. Have I mentioned we are passionate!

This endeavor, now entering its third season is simply an extension of what we have always done. We are excited about expanding and offering healthy, local, pesticide free foods to more families each year and getting to markets as well. We use high quality heirloom, artisan and organic seeds and practices. We are certified organic through Oregon Tilth. We have lots of biodiversity on the farm and perma-culture is our inspiration. Our gentle till design is meant to help make our soil more and more fertile each year without hauling in topsoil. We enjoy some of the most fertile soil in the Willamette valley, meaning our produce will be of very high quality and nutrient dense. The mulch and row covers combined with gentle tilling is meant to help our farm be very low water usage even during a drought year.

Clean, whole foods are our passion! Let us be your farmers for the 2018 season.

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